Improved systray for Linux

Jitsi is currently using default Java tools (such as JDIC and the Desktop support in Java 6) in order to show a systray. While on some operating systems this is enough, it seems to be causing a number of issues on Linux. What we’d like to do here is to use an existing native library that would provide better integration with popular Linux environments such as Gnome or KDE, and that would also look good with other window managers, like XFCE.

Your tasks here would be about finding an appropriate library, making it available to Jitsi through JNI, and finally: implementing all functionality that we currently have and potentially some more (checking out what other applications have there would be good).

All in all this is a very self contained project, and a great opportunity to have a significant contribution to Jitsi. We would be very happy if you liked it!

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