ORTC Support for Jitsi Meet → GSOC.ORTC - Implement support for the ORTC API in Jitsi Meet.

Speech-to-text in Jitsi Meet - Integrate one of the available speech-to-text APIs with Jitsi Meet to create a transcript of a conference.

Integrate Dropbox in Jitsi Meet - Integrate Dropbox in Jitsi Meet.

“FollowMe” mode in Jitsi Meet - Implement a mode in which the Jitsi Meet view follows that of another participant.

Collaborative Drawing - Integrate collaborative drawing in Jitsi Meet.

Knock-Knock - Require users to be accepted by a moderator before they can join a Jitsi Meet conference.

Hair-check screen - A “hair-check” screen in Jitsi Meet which allows the user to adjust their camera before entering a conference.

Lower Third layout - Develop an improved “lower third” layout for the Jitsi Meet interface.

Conference Room Extensions - Develop extensions for Jitsi Meet for use in conference room environments.