Broadcasting a web conference - Develop a tool which joins a web conference and broadcasts the audio and video to Youtube or a similar service.

PSNR Testing - Implement a tool which compares video frames before and after they are encoded and sent over the network.

Ogg/opus support - Implement support for recording in the ogg/opus format in libjitsi.

Mutual mute - Automatically detect when a video conference has echo caused by two microphones close to each other.

An audio mixing panel for Jitsi Meet - Implement a mixing panel, which allows individual participants’ volume to be adjusted.

“Hats” in Jitsi Meet - Implement support for overlaying images (a.k.a. “hats”) on top of the video in Jitsi Meet.

“Center face” prompt→ GSOC.CenterFace - Automatically detect when the camera is not centered on the user’s face, and show an indication.

An ALSA backend and WebRTC echo cancellation for Jitsi on Linux - Add a new ALSA backend in addition to Jitsi’s Pulse Audio one and implement support for acoustic echo cancellation through the AEC module