Jitsi Meet - Web Conferences
✔ 100% open source
✔ Encrypted by default
✔ HD audio with Opus
✔ No account needed
✔ Presentations and desktop sharing
✔ Integrated chat
✔ Invite by pretty URLs https://MySite.com/OurConf
Jitsi - Open Source Video Calls and Chat
Secure video calls, conferencing, chat, desktop sharing, file transfer, support for your favorite OS, and IM network. All this, and more, in Jitsi - the most complete and advanced open source communicator.
Desktop Sharing
Show your desktop to anyone with a video-capable XMPP or SIP client. Allow other Jitsi users to interact with your applications regardless of your OS.

Oh ... and did we mention your session can be ZRTP encrypted?
Multi Platform
You can download Jitsi and use it regardless of your OS. Simply download our Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux packages. With a little bit of extra bravery you can also easily build and run it on FreeBSD.
Secure communications
Secure audio and video calls. All your calls through Jitsi are encrypted and completely secure. Enable the encrypted chat to start a private conversation with your friends.
Jitsi Meet
Web conferences
Secure video calls and chat
Jitsi Videobridge
Video relaying for efficient conferences
The Jitsi media library

Jitsi News


Yes! Jitsi Meet is now available for Android and iOS!!! Join your Jitsi Meetings from your phone!


After a break of a couple of years, Jitsi is once again proudly participating in Google Summer of Code! Check out our project ideas and let’s have fun together this summer (while you are getting paid to do it! ;) )


Check out what’s in and what’s coming for Jitsi in @saghul’s FOSDEM presentation 


In their Kranky/Geek video Emil and Lyubo share Jitsiís experience building a WebRTC app, for mobile with React Native.


Checkout the new YouTube Live Streaming support on meet.jit.si and invite unlimited numbers of viewers to your conferences.


Tired of having to choose between 1080p and reasonable bandwidth consumption? The new simulcast support on meet.jit.si should make you happy then! Also run it yourself by installing Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Videobridge


Want to share YouTube videos and watch them together with friends? Try the new meet.jit.si!


Interested in what video routers (SFUs) bring to your table? Check out Emil’s presentation from the Kranky/Geek event and also learn what simulcast and SVC are.

Temasys contributes Safari/IE plugin to meet.jit.si


Following a contribution from Temasys, it is now possible to join meet.jit.si conferences through Safari and IE.

Switching to the Apache License


We are happy to announce that all projects in the Jitsi community are switching to the Apache License! Enjoy! :)


The Jitsi FAQ can usually answer most questions. You can also ask on the dev mailing list, or at the irc channel #jitsi at irc.freenode.net.


If you would like to help the project or follow its progress, make sure you join our Mailing Lists, or simply peek at the screenshots. Helping us translate it into your native language would be a great way to start your open source adventure!


In addition to its contributors and community, this project owes a lot to its faithful partners.