SIP Communicator Google SoC’10 Project Ideas

Following is the list of projects that we have accepted for our 2010 participation in GSoC. In case you are looking for an easy way to get involved with this project you may have a look at our original idea list and pick one of the subjects that we weren’t able to take.

Calls with MSN - Implement support for calls with Windows Live Messenger accounts, compatible with the default client from Microsoft.
Support for conference calls in KamailioAccepted (OpenSER) - (In collaboration with the Kamailio development team) Implement support for conference call signalling in the Kamailio (OpenSER) Open Source SIP Server.
Support for Audio Levels in SEMS - (In collaboration with the SEMS development team) Implement support for audio level delivery in the SIP Express Media Server.
Displaying video and photo previews in chat windows - Automatically replace links to videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, etc., and links to images or flickr photos with their previews.
Wideband Codecs - Implement support for the Skype CELT and SILK codecs.
Support XCAP - Add to SIP Communicator support for the XCAP protocol so that SIP users would be able to retrieve their contacts from the net rather than only counting on local storage.
Key Rings and Call Recording - Store SIP Communicator passwords using the mechanism provided by the operating system (e.g. Keychain Access, KWallet, or GnomeKeyring). Implement a call recording feature in SIP Communicator as well as the user interface that goes with it.