Opus and CELT support in Jitsi

You probably know that in order to send audio streams over the Internet, VoIP clients don’t simply stream whatever they capture from the microphone. They need to first process the audio data so that it would be in a form that is suitable for traveling through the Internet. The modules that are responsible for this processing are known as codecs. For quite a while, the major concern for VoIP developers was bandwidth, or rather, using less of it. This made codecs like GSM and iLBC particularly popular. Recently however, as available bandwidths around the world increase, users have started demanding better quality.

This project is about implementing in Jitsi support for codecs that preserve quality in audio streams, often referred to as Wideband Audio Codecs.

In Jitsi we already have implementations for wideband codecs such as Skype’s SILK, Speex, and G.722. This year we’d like you to help us with CELT and IETF’s Opus codec .


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The CELT ultra-low delay audio codec

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