New Forum

We have migrated the mailing lists to a new Community Forum! This provides a much better search, filtering, and notification experience.

Visit to sign-up and post there.

Mailing List Users -Please start using the forum instead of the mailing lists. We have ported all messages from June 1, 2017 and later to the new forum and recategorized many of them. Older messages are placed there in an archive section.


Mailing Lists (Deprecated)

The original mailing list links below are provided for historical reference only. Per the previous section, you should now be using

users is the main Jitsi list. It is meant for general discussions, bug reports and questions on how to use Jitsi.
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dev is for discussion of technical implementation details, and is where developers meet and discuss issues, code changes, etc. If you are working on Jitsi, fixing bugs adding features or making other modifications: this is the place to go
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issues is not a discussion list. This is where our Trac sends notifications for new tickets. You can’t send messages here but you can subscribe if you want to follow our tracker.
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commits contains automated notifications of file version control changes in the project. Discussions of those changes are made on our dev list.
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announce is for announcements of new releases and other major project events. Messages are posted only by the Jitsi core-team; there is no discussion here.
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cruisecontrol where all CruiseControl generated report messages are sent. Discussions of those reports are made on dev list.
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You may want to subscribe to the users list if you have problems using the software, if you don’t understand an error message, you have an idea for a new bundle and want some feedback, etc. It is read by all the developers, plus a bunch of other knowledgeable folks. Check the archives before posting a question, chances are it has already been asked and answered a few times.

We ask developers to subscribe at least to the users, dev and issues lists but it’s generally a very good idea to subscribe to all of them.

Committers are also expected to subscribe to the cruisecontrol and commits lists.

Real-time chat (IRC)

You can also talk to other users and developers in real time by joining the #jitsi channel on’s IRC server ( with an IRC client, such as mIRC or XChat or the on-line client here. Note however that even though developers and expert Jitsi users will try to spend time in our IRC channel, it may often happen that members of the team are not present. Posting questions on our dev and users mailing lists is hence the most reliable way for getting a response.