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Jitsi on the VUC

Check out episode 651 the VoIP User’s Conference with Jitsi’s Saul Ibarra Corretge and Emil Ivov, for an update on Jitsi’s latest and greatest. And, of course, the call was hosted on Jitsi Meet. Try it yourself on


Alright Everybody, this is a big one! We have been at it for about 10 months now and we are really, really, really happy to now bring it to you. Adaptivity is all about getting Jitsi Videobridge to adapt to your available bandwidth and only send you as much media as you can afford. This is […]

Speaker Times in Jitsi Meet

Speaker Times in Jitsi Meet Ever felt like your standups are taking more time than they should be? Or maybe wondered whether you spoke for longer than you let your peers respond? Well, we certainly did! With the latest Jitsi Meet version (and on you can now check how long everyone in the meeting has […]

Control the Volume for Every Meet Participant

Ever been in a situation where one of your contacts comes through really loudly, while another one is almost silent and you have to constantly play with your volume in order to have a productive call? Well, now you can adjust everyone’s levels independently and not have this issue any more:   Try it on […]