Jitsi Meet
Instant video conferences

✔ 100% open source
✔ Encrypted by default
✔ HD audio with Opus
✔ No account needed
✔ Presentations and desktop sharing
✔ Integrated chat
✔ Invite by pretty URLs https://MySite.com/OurConf

What is Jitsi Meet?

Jitsi Meet is an OpenSource (MIT) WebRTC JavaScript application that uses Jitsi Videobridge to provide high quality, scalable video conferences. You can see Jitsi Meet in action here at the 482 session of the VoIP Users Conference.

You can also try it out yourself at meet.jit.si.

Jitsi Meet allows for very efficient collaboration. It allows users to stream their desktop or only some windows. It also shared document editing with Etherpad and remote presentations with Prezi.

Download and Install

You can download Jitsi Meet from its GitHub page:

Jitsi Meet GitHub Repository

Download Debian/Ubuntu binaries:

Download source archives:

Mobile Versions

Installing Jitsi Meet is quite a simple experience. You can use our deb packages for a Quick Install on Debian/Ubuntu.

For other systems, or if you wish to install all components manually, see the detailed installation instructions.

Mailing List

Technical discussions and questions about Jitsi Meet are most welcome on the Jitsi dev mailing list.


Jitsi Meet started out as a sample conferencing application using Jitsi Videobridge. It was originally developed by then ESTOS’ developer Philipp Hancke who then contributed it to the community where development continues with joint forces!

-- the Jitsi development team