How to configure Jitsi Videobridge with Openfire

You need to enable external components to connect to your Openfire installation as shown on the screenshot below:

To install Jitsi Videobridge, download it first for your platform, then simply unpack it and start it with the bundled launching script or jvb.bat. Run the script withuout arguments to see the usage. Basically, the only mandatory argument is the password that you specify on the Openfire configuration above and if you run Jitsi Videobridge on the same machine as the Openfire server, then all the defaults should be OK for you.

You can verify that Jitsi Videobridge has successfully connected to your Openfire installations by going to the Openfire’s admin console > Sessions > Component Sessions and checking if the Jitsi Videobridge component is listed there as connected. See the screen shot below:

With the configuration above, you can start Jitsi Videobridge like this: --secret=xxxxx

How to install Jitsi Videobridge Openfire plugin