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Performance testing in general is a very important part of an application’s development cycle. In the case of Jitsi Videobridge however it is paramount! Jitsi Videobridge is a server-side media component that mixes audio and relays video. Performance and scalability are among its main goals. So how do you test such things? You certainly can’t open 100 video calls all by yourself. Well, the answer is: a torture test tool. A voice and video hammer!


The project will consist in creating a Java application that creates and connects a JitMeet.org video conference. It then starts creating fake participants and streaming audio and video for them. The tool would have to take the following parameters:

  • The number of fake participants to add
  • The audio content to use for streaming (a default content would have to be available in the tool)
  • Allow definition of group
  • The address of the JitMeet conference to be tested

The tool would need to report test results such as:

  • The amount of data sent and average bitrate
  • The amount of data received and average bitrate
  • The percentage of packets lost for audio
  • The percentage of packets lost for all video streams

All in all this is a very self contained project, and a great opportunity to have a significant contribution to Jitsi Videobridge. We would be very happy if you liked it!


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