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ORTC Support for Jitsi Meet

These are exciting times! The WebRTC 1.0 specifications are not yet finalized, but there is already ongoing work on a proper object API for real-time communications in the browser: ORTC. And this is not just an API specification — the Microsoft Edge browser implements it. Jitsi Meet is written to support the original SDP-based APIs for WebRTC, and we would like to add support for ORTC as well.

TODO: add some details: what is jitsi-meet, where can people test it. what the WebRTC API does, how does ORTC do the same (e.g. handle an offer, add a remote source). Pointers to our code: JingleSession.js

Expected outcome: we should be able to make Edge to Edge conferences.

Skills: javascript

TODO: add links (jitsi-meet, ORTC, webrtc, Edge support)