JaaS: the Team that Builds Jitsi Can Now Also Run it for You! Start now

Interested in embedding meetings?
Try JaaS!

If you are looking to embed meetings in your existing web or mobile app Jitsi as a Service (JaaS) may very well be the easiest way to get there.

While this used to be possible on meet.jit.si, it is no longer the case, but JaaS offers the same iFrame API and a lot more on top of it! With JaaS you also get web hooks, recordings, analytics, transcriptions and many more. The service is free for unlimited minutes on up to 25 endpoints and we have a number of packages available for those who need more.

I was using meet.jit.si for free and now I need some time to figure out the financials for JaaS!

We got you! If you need some time to figure out how to fund meetings usage for your app, feel free to use code MJS2JAAS and get an 80% discount for your first three months on JaaS! Note that this code is only available until September 30!


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