Hello, potential students! We are happy that you’re interested in our projects, and we’re looking forward to meeting you online and working together in GSoC 2018. Here are a few tips on how to get acquainted with our community and introduce yourself.

  1. Try Jitsi Meet. Just go to meet.jit.si and generate a URL. Share the URL with a friend, or even just open it in a second tab in your browser and see what Jitsi Meet looks like.
  2. Browse around the jitsi.org website. Jitsi consists of multiple projects, from web and mobile applications to networking libraries, and the major projects have their own page on the website.
  3. Check out the GSoC project ideas page.
  4. Browse the jitsi repositories on github. You can see which projects are most active, browse the issues, and witness our peer review process in action.
  5. Check out the mailing lists. This is where a lot of the communication still happens. If you have a technical question the dev mailing list is the best place to ask. Pro tip: subscribe to the list before posting in order to avoid your email being stuck in the moderation queue.
  6. Introduce yourself. We have the gsoc mailing list specifically for Google Summer of Code related discussions and introductions. You can just come and say “Hi”, or start a discussion about the project that you are interested in working on. Here are some suggestions on what you can include. These are all things you should also inlude with your application.
    1. A few words about yourself: What is your name and which university do you come from? What year are you in and what is your major?
    2. A few words about your (programming) self: What have you previously worked on? What are the programming fields that you generally like to work in (e.g. networking, desktop, web-dev)?
    3. Tell us about the project that you would like work on. This could be one of the projects listed on the website, or an idea that you have yourself.
    4. What made you choose this specific project? Is it that you like the feature itself, or are you thrilled by working with the technologies/libs that it involves?
    5. Do you already have any specific plans about how you would work on the project you are applying for? How would you start? Which parts of the code do you think you would need to work on? Can you make a rough time plan/Gantt chart for the project? If the idea you are applying allows it, then we’d love to see some pseudo/real code snippets and/or diagrams showing your plans (we like it when candidates get their hands dirty! 🙂 ).
    6. Which of the technologies involved in your project are you already familiar with, and which ones will will be new for you? How are you planning to learn about the ones which are new?
    7. How much time are you ready to dedicate to GSoC? Do you have any other summer job?

We hope that you enjoy your stay, and we wish everyone good luck with their applications!