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Audio Only Mode in Jitsi Meet

Published on: July 12, 2017 by Emil IvovCategories: Jitsi Meet | meet.jit.si | Press Release

Audio Only Mode in Jitsi Meet

We often hear from our users that they’d like to have a low bandwidth mode. This is sometimes because they are on expensive satellite links that charge by the megabyte, because they want to save on battery power, or their computer struggles a bit with the full load of the conference or simply because they don’t want the distraction of video. Well, it is now possible for people to go in an “Audio-only mode“.  You remember that HD label that you’ve been seeing for a while in the upper-right corner? Well this is no longer just a label! When you now hover on top of it you get two options (for now only two 😉 ): the one that has video and the all new “Audio only” option. Check it out:

So if, for whatever reason, you wanted no video to be coming into or going out of your device just click on the audio only option, et voila! (smile)

When in this mode, the Jitsi infrastructure is only sending you the unmuted audio streams. You are not bothered with video and see instead the avatars of your fellow participants.

The same option is also available on the Jitsi Meet iOS and Android versions.

So, as usual, go and try this today on meet.jit.si !


The Jitsi Team

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