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Introducing Car Mode!

Virtual / hybrid meetings are part of our everyday life now. Some meet in their home office, kitchen, slouching in the couch, while taking a walk, or even while driving! We won’t encourage you to […]

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Introducing the Jitsi Meet React SDK

Today we are releasing an often requested feature / package from the Jitsi community. We’re happy to announce the availability of the Jitsi Meet React SDK. This new SDK simplifies the integration of the Jitsi […]

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March update: virtual backgrounds, new toolbar UI and more!

Hey there Fellow Jitsters! You might have noticed some changes on meet.jit.si. We rolled out a new release yesterday and we want to tell you all about it!

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Introducing: Presenter Mode

Jitsi Meet has had the ability to share your screen with others for years now. Thanks to WebRTC it’s really effortless for applications to allow users to share a window, full-screen or browser tab. When […]

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