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A stepping stone towards end-to-end encryption on mobile

It has been a while since our first release of end-to-end encryption for the web app and ever since we have tried to enhance and improve it. One of these enhancements was the introduction of […]

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End-to-end Encryption Beyond Buzzwords

Trying to navigate the complexities of privacy protection and end-to-end encryption for real-time comms? This talk from Jitsi founder Emil Ivov will help clarify things!

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This is what end-to-end encryption should look like!

BEFORE YOU BEGIN! Please make sure you check out our post on how end-to-end encryption in general does NOT offer a meaningful level of trust and protection when it comes to modern meetings services. Also […]

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Jitsi Meet Security & Privacy

Jitsi Meet Security & Privacy For us Fellow Jitsters, developing a platform our users can rely on is the most important thing. That means, amongst other things, we are very mindful of the security and […]

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