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Jitsi Meet features update, April 2020

Published on: April 7, 2020 by Saúl Ibarra CorretgéCategories: Featured | Jitsi Community | Jitsi Meet | meet.jit.si

Hello Fellow Jitsters!

While we work on making sure our infrastructure is able to cope with the recent surge in traffic, we have managed to ship some features we think you may like, let’s go!

System audio sharing

Sharing our screen while in a meeting has become second nature to most of us. From a quick peek at a document to a troubleshooting session, it is a very useful companion to the traditional camera feed.

Some time ago we introduced presenter mode, adding the ability to share your screen and camera at the same time.

Today we are improving Jitsi Meet’s screen sharing capabilities by adding the ability to share system audio together with the screen!

Since a gif is worth 1500 words:

PS: Browsers behave differently depending on your platform with regards to this feature. On Windows you are able to share the entire system audio, but on Linux and macOS just that of the tab you’re sharing.

Improved device controls

Changing what audio or video device we are using during a conference used to be a couple of menus away, which made it hard to use. We have now added a simpler way to change your devices, take a look!

New participant muting capabilities

Muting evey noisy participant, especially in large meetings, is used to be quite the task: one has to go and mute every participant individually. We are now introducing some simpler controls so a moderator can mute every participant, or all participants except one:


Updated translations

Jitsi Meet is translated to many languages thanks the our community’s help. In the past few weeks we have seen many contributions to our translations, both improving the existing ones and bringing in new languages. Thank you to everyone who contributed! ❤️


Happy meetings everyone!

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