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GSoC 2017 final results

Published on: September 7, 2017 by Boris GrozevCategories: GSoC | Jitsi Community

Another summer of code is behind us, and we’re here to present what our GSoC students accomplished throughout the program. We had four students this year, and three of them completed their projects while one withdrew in the last third of the program.

Nik’s speech recognition project went very well. We now have jigasi performing speech recognition through the Google Cloud API and posting the results in a JSON structure to the jitsi-meet MUC (as well as saving them in a file). Work on displaying the results in the client’s UI in a superior way (currently they just go in the chat) is ongoing. We are very excited to see where this project will go in the future, as it has many interesting potential applications. And we are doubly excited because Nik will be joining the core Jitsi team here at Atlassian for an internship starting November. You can read Nik’s report of his project here.

Unfortunately Julian’s send side bandwidth estimation project did not go to according to plan, and he decided to withdraw from the program. We have some of the basic parts committed in libjitsi, and some more of the parts in unfinished PRs, and we plan to eventually finish the task outside of GSoC.

Chungxu worked hard in two projects: face recognition and a calendar view for Jitsi Meet Spot. We have great code for both projects and are very excited to integrate it in the near future (there are still some UI/UX aspects to figure out). You can read his report here.

Han also worked in two projects: an “always on top” view for Electron and the base application for Jitsi Meet Spot. His work on the Electron project got integrated and we’ll integrate the Spot part soon. We are very happy with his performance too! Read his report here.

We’d like to, once again, thank Google for the opportunity to be part of GSoC, we hope to do that again next year!

PS: “Jitsi Meet Spot? What is that?” I hear you say. Stay tuned! 🙂

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