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GSoC 2018: ready fuels!

Published on: April 25, 2018 by saghulCategories: GSoC

It’s that time of the year again! We are incredibly happy to have been chosen again as an organization for Google Summer of Code. After the tough process of choosing candidates and projects, here are our five students and their respective projects:

  • Akshit Kr Nagpal — Electron app improvements: Akshit is going to be working on several fronts to improve our Electron app (which has been a bit under the radar ;-)): a polished welcome page which would add multi-domain support and local preferences; and maybe even binaries with auto-update!
  • Mindi Cao — File Sharing and embedding: a recurring feature request for Jitsi Meet is the ability to share files with the participants of a conference. Mindi will focus on making the embedding on Etherpad/Youtube video sharing generic, and then integrating with a file sharing API (e.g. Dropbox or others) to make this finally possible!
  • Philip Obosi — Voting / polls: another interesting feature we often feel is missing is the ability to conduct a quick vote or poll amongst the participants of a conference. Philip will work on adding this capability to Jitsi Meet.
  • Praveen Kumar Gupta — Integrate Speech-to-Text with translations: it was an obvious next step, right? Last year Nik worked on adding speech-to-text capabilities to Jitsi Meet, and this year he joins us as a mentor to help Praveen take that to the next level by translating the transcriptions into other languages and improving the transcriptions in other ways.
  • Tianlei Zheng — Decentralized client-side recordings: Tianlei will work on a project podcasters will probably love: high quality client-side recordings. In this project each conference participant will record their local audio in high fidelity and then upload it (together with time-syncing marks) automatically to a server so a full high-fidelity audio recording can be obtained.

Congratulations to our students and thank you to everyone who submitted their projects. We had a vast amount of good applications (more than the number of slots that we were allotted and more than our team could mentor) and selecting just 5 out of those was not an easy task.

Please join us in welcoming our GSoC students for this year into our community!

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