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GSoC 2018 Results

Published on: August 27, 2018 by Boris GrozevCategories: Uncategorized

We are happy to present the results of another year with the Google Summer of Code program. We had three students complete phase 2 of the program and all of them went on to complete their projects successfully. We would like to thank Google Open Source for organizing the program and selecting Jitsi to participate, and the students for their hard work during the summer. We hope that we will continue to see work together and see contribution in the future as well. Read below for details about this year’s projects.

Praveen Gupta worked on improving our conference transcriptions and adding a translation layer. This feature allows you to see subtitles in a language of your choice in the conference. The work on the backend is complete, but we still don’t have the UI to enable this feature. Praveen describes his projects in this blog post.

Tianlei Zheng (aka Radium) worked on local audio recording in Jitsi Meet. The feature is useful for collaborative audio creation (e.g. podcasting, interviews, and oral history programmes), where it is crucial to have a high quality recording without any gaps, and to have a separate track for each speaker. The functionality is merged in Jitsi Meet but it is currently disabled by default (we are waiting for one more piece of UI before we enable it). You can read Radium’s blog post about his project here.

Akshit Nagpal brought the Jitsi Meet Electron app to life. He started with a new welcome page, and then added multi-domain support, a navigation bar, a native settings page. This covered his original project proposal, but since he has a whole month left he went on to add automatic updates and a list of recent conferences. You can read all the details on Akshit’s blog post.

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