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GSoC student applications are open

Published on: March 12, 2018 by Boris GrozevCategories: GSoC | Jitsi Community

Hey everyone,

Student applications for Google Summer of Code 2018 are now open. If you would like to apply with the Jitsi organization, please refer to this page for some useful tips. We encourage students to submit a draft application soon. If you submit a draft by the end of this week (March 18), we will review it and give you feedback by next Wednesday (March 21). This review will be very benefitial to your application. The final versions of the application has to be uploaded by March 27.

When writing an application, focus on one project in particular. If you are interested in more than one project, mention this on the application. If you are willing to switch to another project in case of conflicts, also mention it on the application.

Good luck, everyone! We are looking forward to your applications!

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