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Jitsi at IIT-RTC 2018 – Cost Optimizing & P2P4121

Published on: October 23, 2018 by Aaron van MeertenCategories: Uncategorized

The Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago holds a Real Time Communications Conference – the IIT-RTC Conference – every year where Jitsi has been a regular presenter. This year, Senior Jitsi Developer and University of Strasbourg Ph.D. candidate George Politis gave two talks:

  • Optimizing the infrastructure costs and call quality of WebRTC based group calls
  • Experimental evaluation of dynamic switching between one on-one and group video calling

Jitsi Infrastructure Cost Savings

His first talk was on Optimizing the infrastructure costs and call quality of WebRTC based group calls. This is a great introduction video to the many ways Jitsi’s video conferencing architecture benefits both user and network operators through features like:

  • Selective Forwarding
  • Simulcast
  • Network adaptivity
  • Selectively using peer-to-peer
  • Stream suspension

Here is the video:

You can also grab the slides here.

How to blend peer-to-peer in a many-to-many architecture

In his second talk, he takes a deeper dive into the engineering behind Peer-to-Peer for One-to-One. P2P4121 saves on SFU server utilization when it is not needed by routing calls peer-to-peer.

The video of his talk:

And here are the slides.

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