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Jitsi Meet for mobile 19.0 released!

Published on: March 12, 2019 by saghulCategories: Jitsi Meet | Mobile

You might have noticed an update to Jitsi Meet on your Android or iOS device, that’s because our brand new release, 19.0 is out! “19.0?! What did I miss?!” we hear you say. The first thing to note about this release is we switched our versioning scheme. We are now using CalVer, so 19.0 means this is the first release of 2019, the next one will be 19.1 and so on.

Let’s jump right in to what’s new! First, some 💅 style changes:

The entire UI and dialogs now have a dark and cohesive appearance. Not only does it look better, but it may even save you some battery if you’re using an AMOLED display!

Next, a long awaited one: 💬 chat support!


We are very close to feature parity across all our platforms – this was a big milestone for achieving that. We hope you like it!

We also added some more new functionality to make your meetings more pleasant 🛠:

  • display names are now shown,
  • a new contact menu for kicking or muting users, and a
  • meeting title bar!

All of these combined should help everyone have a better experience, either because you’ll know who you are actually talking to when they have no video or because you’ll be able to mute or kick them if they are being annoying. 😇

Last, but not least, some candy for our iOS users: 📱 Siri shortcuts support!

Thanks to the integration with Siri shortcuts it’s now easier than ever to join a recurring meeting, just by using your voice.

Of course, we added tons of smaller fixes and performance improvements. You can find this version in the Apple Store and Google Play as usual. Stay tuned for what 19,1 will bring!

Your Jitsi Team

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