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You can help! Deploy your own Jitsi Meet instance now

Published on: March 23, 2020 by Emil IvovCategories: Jitsi Community | Jitsi Meet

The majority of plans we schedule each day are made with the assumption that we will be able to meet with people, face to face, and work out whatever we need to, with the appropriate level of privacy. 

The same goes for products. Many of the tools we use come with the same assumption: the activity that the product supports would sooner or later lead to an actual gathering of people: discuss a ticket, a customer request, ask a teacher plenty of clarifying questions.

Well quite unfortunately, at least for the time being, this is no longer possible.

We are all hoping that this won’t last too long but right now we urgently need to provide ways for people to substitute their face-to-face meetings without compromising on security or fidelity. 

Here are two options to get started quickly and easily:

Run your own service on your own servers.

So let’s start with this: running a Jitsi Meet rig is simply the easiest way on the planet to set up meetings that you can absolutely trust. Open Source, encrypted and on infrastructure you own. What’s more, you can get all of this in less than an hour of work!

Have a look at our installation instructions or our docker containers. You might also be interested in Amazon’s Jitsi tutorial for AWS

In many cases you should be able to get through all this and end up with a fully working video service in less than an hour. Questions? Ask the Jitsi community.

Add video to your product.

Once you have your own Jitsi Meet service, it is only a matter of minutes to integrate it into a product. The easiest way to do this is to simply generate random links and present them to the users of your application. Jitsi Meet does not require any sort of pre-meeting setup so all you need to worry about is picking up URLs that are unique enough. Here are a few examples:




If you’d rather embed Jitsi within your own product experience, then please consider using Jitsi Meet’s iFrame API.

In case all of this sounds overwhelming…

If for some reason you don’t have the time to go through with a custom deployment, you can always start kicking the tires of the whole thing by using https://meet.jit.si.

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