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New Jitsi Meet Mobile now with Live Streaming, better performance and more!

Published on: August 30, 2018 by saghulCategories: Jitsi Meet | Mobile

It’s been a while since we have last written about our mobile apps. We have been busy improving them, and now that 1.18 is available for Android and iOS, let’s talk about the release!

This release had 2 main focus areas: one key feature and performance. Of course we fixed bugs, but you already expected that from us, right? 🙂

Live Streaming

As you may know, it’s possible to record and stream a Jitsi Meet conference (in fact, we showed you how here). Now you can also do that from the mobile app itself!



For this release we doubled down on performance. We worked hard to make sure the UI is more responsive than ever, no stone was left unturned: lots of work went into making sure no unnecessary operations run on the UI thread, we replaced the image loading library and even the JavaScript interpreter on Android!

The end result is a much smoother experience, and we could even use old devices (like a Motorola Moto G 2nd gen) without them being completely overwhelmed (albeit with a degraded experience due to their lack of power).

You can already grab these releases on the App Store and Google Play Store as usual. Enjoy!

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