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New mobile releases and open beta access

Published on: November 15, 2019 by saghulCategories: Uncategorized

Hi there Fellow Jitsters! Today we are happy to announce Jitsi Meet for mobile 19.4! You can check the release notes here, but we’d like to talk about a couple of the new features here, we think you’ll like them!

Private messages

You may have noticed we have been gradually improving the in-meeting chat. In this release we have made improvements to the styling, but more importantly, we have added private messaging support.

You can long-tap on any participant and a sheet will show up offering you some options. There is a new one available for sending private messages. These messages are sent in the context of the meeting, but no other participants will be able to see them!


Shared document editing

Long time Jitsi Meet users probably know that we support collaborative document editting on the web by integrating with Etherpad. Now that integration is coming to mobile! If your deployment has Etherpad configured a new button will show up offering you to edit the shared document. It’s that simple.


If you are self-hosting Jitsi Meet you can easily enable Etherpad too, check this.

Mobile SDKs released including all these features

Jitsi Meet SDK 2.4 for Android and iOS have also been released including all the aforementioned features, in addition to many stability bugfixes. Check the release notes here!

One more thing: open beta access!

With these new releases we also wanted to open up our beta versions for everyone to join. We develop Jitsi Meet fully in the open: all the commits land on our GitHub repository. However, users wanting to checkout features before a release actually happens need to compile the apps themselves, which can be a bit tedious.

In order to help our users get quicker access to the latest features, and help us help them by providing feedback, we are openeing our beta versiosn for anyone to join! Here are the links to both beta programmes:

❤️ – The Jitsi Mobile team.

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