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We have a new Community Forum!

Published on: June 18, 2018 by Emil IvovCategories: Jitsi Community

Jitsi has a new Community Forum. Check it out at!

This was way past due

Previously we handled most of our community discussions via our Users and Dev mailing lists, which were originally setup 15 years ago! Obviously the project has changed quite a bit in that timeframe and we were well overdue for an upgrade.

A better experience

Our new forum is based on Discourse, a well-established, open-source forum platform that I am sure many of you use on other projects. Discourse offers many advantages over the lists:

  • Easy search across all messages
  • Separation of topics into categories and sub-categories for easier navigation
  • Customizable notification options
  • Ability to pin and summarize important threads
  • A new web-based GUI

We have ported all messages from June 1, 2017 and later to the new forum and recategorized many of them. It was a lot of content so please bear with us as we fix and add to some of the categories.

Everyone should start using effective immediately.  

Emails to the [email protected] and [email protected] mailing lists are already being sent to the forum and are no longer viewable on the old list archive viewer.  You must go to the new community site and sign-up to setup notifications on your posted items. The email list server will be completely shut down in the near future, so we recommend that you sign-up at today.

Note for Developers

To improve handling of code-related issues, we will only be using the Github issues features for bug reports. You will notice we have a new bug report template there. Please use the Developers category on the new forum for all other issues and questions.


Questions or comments on this change?  Post them to the forum!

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