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We have a new home and it won’t impact you

Published on: October 29, 2018 by Aaron van MeertenCategories: Jitsi Community

Today 8×8 announced it has acquired the Jitsi team and our technology from Atlassian. This is a great thing and will only help to keep Jitsi’s momentum with renewed investment. The Jitsi team will remain 100% intact and will continue to be an independent group. Operationally things will work much the same way as they did under Atlassian. Jitsi users and developers won’t see any impact, though we do expect with continued funding and support you will see even more new features and capabilities from the project!

8×8 is firmly established a cloud communications provider focus on business communications with hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue and tens of thousands of businesses of all sizes as customers.  Just like Jitsi was previously used to help provide video capabilities to Atlassian’s products, we will be helping to support state-of-the-art video features in 8×8 X Series.

8×8 sees tremendous value in the open source community and is committed to helping grow the community even larger. With a major, high-motivated backer like 8×8 behind the project, we are confident about our ability to continue building great open source products.


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