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Jitsi Meet Security & Privacy

Jitsi Meet Security & Privacy For us Fellow Jitsters, developing a platform our users can rely on is the most important thing. That means, amongst other things, we are very mindful of the security and privacy aspects that affect our users. Security and privacy are very broad topics so we are going to try and […]

Make it live with video! 

You can help! Deploy your own Jitsi Meet instance now.  The majority of plans we schedule each day are made with the assumption that we will be able to meet with people, face to face, and work out whatever we need to, with the appropriate level of privacy.  The same goes for products. Many of […]

Google Summer of Code 2020

Last week our friends at Google announced the list of organizations selected for the 2020 edition ot their GSoC 2020.  We have been privileged to partake in GSoC on multiple occasions, but there are many awesome organizations applying and there is only so much room, so this year we’ll take the bench. We had a […]

Introducing: Presenter Mode

Jitsi Meet has had the ability to share your screen with others for years now. Thanks to WebRTC it’s really effortless for applications to allow users to share a window, full-screen or browser tab. When it comes to the user experience, we decided to replace the user’s video with the shared sreen, and this has […]

Open Source SFUs

Today we are trying something new. We invited Tsahi Levent-Levi to write a guest postfor us. For those working with WebRTC for some time Tsahi will be a faminilar name. Tsahi has been working in the software communications space as an engineer, manager, marketer and CTO for the last two decades. In his various roles […]

Jitsi Meet now available on F-Droid

Hey there Fellow (Android) Jitsters! We have a good one for you today. Well, technically it went up on Friday, but in case you missed it, here we go: Jitsi Meet is now available on F-Droid! F-Droid is a Google Play Store alternative focused on FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications. Many people have […]